We have packages and collective services appropriate to the stay of our visitors, our representatives and links in different destinations allow us to offer a range of activities and destinations in any season of the year and number of people, with connections from various parts of the country. If your stay is one day or you wish to connect your already programmed destinations, do not hesitate to contact us!

Collective tours to:
Antigua Guatemala
Volcano Pacaya
Semuc Champey
Rio Dulce

Collective transport services:
Shuttle from Antigua Guatemala to
Cobán (Verapaces Natural Paradise)
Petén (Heart of the Mayan World)
Panajachel (Mayan culture )
Shuttle from Guatemala City to:
Antigua Guatemala (Modern and colonial)
Panajachel (Mayan Culture Alive)
Petén (Heart of the Mayan world)
Rio Dulce (Livingston - Garífuna culture)
Shuttle from Peten to:
Cobán / Lanquin & Semuc Champey
Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala City