These packages are conditioned to the needs and desires of our clients as they are adapted to their different interests, number of days and activities that each one wishes to carry out in our country or the Mesoamerican area, where our main goal is to satisfy all the expectations of our clients, providing high quality services and personalized attention.

Tours for Families; because a family trip helps to eliminate stress from parents and to unite even more with their children for many reasons, one of them is that the parent should not drive during the trip, this makes the harmony and quality of care be greater to its members.

In the same way, our nostalgic tourism segment supports Guatemalans whom with great enthusiasm await a loved one who lives abroad and wish to offer them moments of happiness in which they mix their memories and their love for Guatemala, offering special activities in that the compatriots feel more "chapines" than ever and wish to return and visit their native country..

The packages can be from 1 to 15 days depending on the time and travel possibilities. You can contact us and tell us the places and days you have to realized the trip of your life in “the country of the eternal spring” Guatemala, and to achieve that goal we offer you

  • Modern and Colonial Guatemala. Guatemala one of the most important cities in Central America with modern buildings and business centers, city founded at the end of the 18th century that hold in its architecture important memories of the changes that this city has had ; in contrast to Antigua Guatemala, the beautiful colonial city in which great landscapes and important monuments of the 17th and 18th centuries are housed, colonial constructions, world heritage site, villages full of culture and living traditions where contact with nature and culture will be the best scenario for visitors, The destinations we visit in capital city are: Archeology and Ethnology Museums, Popol Vuh, Miraflores, Ixchel, Historical and Civic Center, Kaminal Juyu Archaeological Site, main streets and avenues y many other places of interest.

    In Colonial City of Antigua Guatemala: The main monuments, churches, convents, monasteries and museums, ancestral towns such as San Juan el Obispo, Ciudad Vieja, and San Antonio Aguas Calientes and many other places of interest.
  • Heart of the Mayan World It is located in the department of Peten, the largest in Guatemala but less populated. It has an extensive jungle belonging to the Maya Biosphere with a million hectares designated for the conservation of flora and fauna. It is the place where the Mayan culture built its most big cities, a magical place that leads us to imagine the kind of majestic civilization and the great dynasties that populated those cities along many centuries, we can tour archaeological sites; Tikal, Yaxhá, Uaxactún, Ceibal, Tayasal, Dos piles, Aguateca and the lost city of El Mirador. Places of natural environment such as Ixpanpajul Park, Petencito Zoo, Actun Kan Caves, and a bohemian tour on the Island of Flores among others. visiting this area is something you can not skip in your schedule
  • • Maya culture in the highlands A beautiful cultural and geographical landscape, where we can enjoy the best landscapes of the Mesoamerican highlands and live with the ethnic groups that keep alive the traditions and ancestral customs of the Mayan civilization, a place full of color that through its textiles, variety of crafts , dances and gastronomy make this region a unique place.

    In addition to having the best views of its impressive volcanoes that invite you to enjoy a pleasant walk to its top. Within our destinations are: Lake Atitlan and its towns, Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Fuentes Georginas and towns full of culture and tradition, Huehuetenango, Quiche, Ixil Area.

    Volcanoes: Chicabal, Tajumulco, Tacana, Santa Maria, Santiaguito. They are just part of the many activities and destinations that you can visit in the region where the Mayans still live join us!
  • Green Caribbean Yes! you have read well "Green Caribbean", is located in the region of Izabal northeast of Guatemala, here is the largest lake in the country that connects with the Atlantic Ocean and coexist tropical forests, flora and fauna very local, this circuit offers you contact with beautiful landscapes as well as sharing special moments with the Garífuna culture, its Caribbean cuisine and cheerful dances will captivate you. Sail the calm waters of the Rio Dulce where you can observe birds, fish, iguanas, water lilies and a great variety of unique landscapes of the region, the Mayan Culture is present through the archaeological site Quirigua a site of the classic Mayan period where you can observe how civilization developed a great technique in rock sculpting and Mayan writing. Visit with us: Rio Dulce National Park, Livingston, Quirigua Archaeological Site, white beach, Siete Altares beach, San Felipe castle built in the 17th century and many other destinations that we are sure you will love.

  • Verapaces “natural paradise It is located in the central region of the country, geographically composed by high and low Verapaz, territory that is characteristic for its cloud forests, karstic caves, lakes, lagoons and waterfalls that will fill you with fresh air every step you take, we invite you to leave put routine aside and immerse yourself in this green world. You can also enjoy adventure tourism such as: rafting on the Cahabón River, exploration of caves, Tubbing, rappelling in mountain or caves, mountain biking or if your passion is bird watching, there are also reserves to observe the national bird of Guatemala: the resplendent "Quetzal", you can also appreciate several species of orchids from the region, which is only the beginning since its gastronomy and hospitality will leave you speechless. Visit also: Semuc Champey Park, Candelaria and Lanquín Caves, Lachua Lagoon and Hunal Ye Park. The Trapiche museum in San Jeronimo, Salama and Rabinal villages with culture and history, all this in an environment surrounded by nature and peace, guaranteed satisfaction !.
  • Pacific exotic and diverse It is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and has an extensive coastline of volcanic sand that gives a warm and friendly welcome to its visitors, with different seasons where you can perform many activities such as; release of turtles, bird watching, whale watching and sport fishing.

    Sail through the channels of calm water to appreciate all kinds of wildlife and mangroves, of course enjoying the refreshing waters of the Pacific is something you can not miss, if you like adrenaline and subtropical nature the prefecture of Retalhuleu has everything so that you can live an adventure without limits, our ancestral Mayan culture is found in each corner of beautiful Guatemala and in the Archaeological site Takalik Abaj you can learn how such a large civilization had its development progressively, this site dates from the preclassic period before Christ and also has a large amount of sculpted rock that will take your breath away.

    Within these packages we can merge the experiences depending on the number of days to visit our beautiful country Guatemala or extend to an adventure along the coasts of El Salvador. We invite you to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Monterrico and Hawaii, make a comfortable walk through the Pacaya volcano one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala, or fill with adrenaline in the theme parks of Xetulul and Xocomil, in the Pacific each kilometer has A new experience for visitors.

Local Guides

Our team is a set of professional and local guides, who are the best hosts and experts in each of their area and locality, our visitors can feel safe and well accompanied, with friendly and hospitable people.